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Let us guide you on your journey to wholeness.

Meet Kimberly

Hi, my name is Kimberly, the owner of Beyond Vision Holistic Center. I grew up with retinitis pigmentosa, its a progressive eye disease that caused me to lose sight as I aged. By the age of 22, I realized that massage therapy was the perfect job for my circumstances. I graduated from "Avenue Five Institute" and now I have over a decade worth of experience! In graduate school, my professor told me that my heightened senses will help me excel in energy healing. Overtime I built my portfolio within the holistic energy field and that's when I discovered my true passion which caused me to open my own Holistic Wellness Center. The name "Beyond Vision" came to be as I lost my vision, but I use senses beyond sight to heal. I am currently in school for Hypno-Therapy, Plant-Medicine, and Tantra as these will be future services added. In the future I will be hosting holistic retreats where I will be teaching, coaching, and guiding others on their spiritual journey.

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Meet Ian

Ian is a shamanic practitioner with a background in Reiki who specializes in crystals. His focus is on grounding and clearing of energy. Ian has been working with healing energy since his dedication to music began as a young professional percussionist. His passion for music and healing through his music lead him to play in great congas in Santiago de Cuba where he found his soul’s heart and family. He now specializes in Afro-Cuban popular and folkloric musical styles and continues to play with Conga San Agustin, Los Jubilados del Caribe, Luis Conte’s Superbien Sextet, and leads the band Sofrito y Su Melao. Ian was first called into the healing arts in 2005 after receiving a master’s degree in Vedic science from the Maharishi International University. Ian was called to become a Reiki Master in 2020 and soon after incorporated his knowledge of energy work into flint knapping which also opened a new understanding of crystals. The trio of healing arts was complete in 2022 once Ian became a shamanic practitioner of the Peruvian PachaKuti Mesa Tradition.

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