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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that energetic healing can be confusing to some and no two businesses are alike. Please review the below FAQ and let us know if there's anything we might have left out by contacting us directly below.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a primal, spiritual form of healing we use at Beyond Vision that utilizes life force energy in order to tap into our clients' energetic blue print, with their consent, to help heal and restore their energy.

Are you a medium then?

No. We are not psychic mediums, however, we can receive messages and sense the support of Spirit, energetic beings and our client's personal own Spirit Team that do not exist in the 3D, though are very much with us.

Can you connect me to a passed on loved one?

The short answer is no.


The long answer is that, while we can connect to energies that have passed on, we at Beyond Vision aim to support our clients by helping them create energetic boundaries. This means we will not partake in mediumship, fortune reading, or other means of answering questions about the other side or expected outcomes. 

Free will is a beautiful thing and we want to encourage our clients to be in the most beautiful, balanced energetic state in order to take control of their own lives to achieve their own happy outcome.

What is the difference in Beyond Vision Holistic Center versus going to a doctor?

We are not medical professionals or psychologists. We highly advise you see your personal doctor and/or therapist for any formal diagnosing to any discomfort you may be feeling. 

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